Digital clock
                         digital clock is avery common dld project that alot of students make during their semester projects its tutorias are easily present on internet where they can be studied for guidance for students

Sequential lock:

                          It is also a very common project it is a litle bit more difficult because it involves sequential design which makes it difficult. its tutorials can also be found on internet

Wending machiene:
                        this is a project that my friend made in a week after its initial project was stuck so i think this is also an easy project but still it is a sequential design so complications are their.
Crane controll:
               It is a master piece guy that made it realy got great marks in project as he along side made crane of cardboard.mane thing in this project is H-brige ICs.

Lift controll:
                This roject is almost similar to crane controll and has a good rating with respect to grades.
Water level indicator:
                  This is aone man project very easy its demos are easily present on internet i recomend it for week students.
Trafic light controller:
                   It is a good projects groups mane thing in this project is 555 timer. it becomes difficult as 555 timer is bit difficult to manage.
                  it is very very common project every third person goes for it as it is easy and can be made by combinational as well as sequential circiuts.
           Arityhematic logic unit this is also same as clculator and alot easier than other projects.

            It is also a very good project and has a great rating it requires mainly temprature sensors and a few logic gates to construct it


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  2. Hi,Can you give me Sorting code for verilog module?

  3. Electrical Scorecard? would be easy project for 3rd semester?